30 August 2012

Before I left for my Euro vacation, a certain slave challenged me. I now own Michael S.’s ass. Check out this email he sent me after the last web session we had. It was supposed to be his final test to see if he could resist me. HA! He should have known better than that. How pathetic. I can’t wait to show him what being a little bitch really means.


Let's allow Michael to explain his situation:

"So I started as an "alpha" male, with my PhD, history of jobs in leading academic and medical centers, well published in my field, very fit, athletic, lift weights, ran a marathon....and now I am Princess Renes slave. After several sessions where I kept trying to resist, this time, with Worship Goddess, Get Your Dose, and Kiss My Royal Ass playing over and over as we IMd, I collapsed. I drank my wine as the screen grew and the only thing I had in my tunnel vision was her ass, her voice and her IMs....I ended up admitting that she was my superior, that I was helpless, unable to understand how I got so weak and was absolutely unable to pull myself out. I have never felt so helpless and under another persons total control. I gave her personal information I know I shouldnt...I even gave her my twitter user and password....I have become a total male dishrag..not only for money over time, but anything she orders.I am certain that 30 seconds of Kiss My Royal Ass and I will be right back being a male lump. We had discussed me being a slave to her dog, and thankfully she did not push this...can you imagine moving from an "alpha" male to being a "bitch's bitch"???? I realize that if she decides she has a gf in my geographical area who needs chores done or grocery shopping completed, or even a gf's gf, I will need to obey. She showed her boyfriend my IMs and when I made a last gasp attempt to protest and demanded she apologize, she sent me back to the videos, and I become a meek, mild wimp. I really dont know how this happened-how she makes me feel this weak and submissive-but it has, and I have no answer to it. I am now at her mercy...she knows that if I am not a "good boy" that she can send me to her video and I will cave..if not, she could threaten to dismiss me, and if that didnt work, perhaps the personal information I gave her she could use...so how do I escape? And when I watch the videos, I dont want to...she convinces me that an alpha male under a womans power is where I should be and I become convinced I should shut up, and please her.

I am not sure what plans she has for me, but at this point, I will obey and please here. No one who knows me would believe this, but here I am.”

Anyone else care to challenge me?



28 August 2012

Everyone has been begging for details about my amazing European tour that I just got home from BUT... I have a few things to blog about first! I had some fun with a couple slaves before I left for vacation. One such slave emailed me begging me to wear bread in my sneakers all day long, after which I'd send him the bread and force him to eat it! I was admittedly amused. He paid me $150 for this incredible honor. I put one piece of wheat bread into each shoe (my stinky Nike shox) and slipped those babies on. Let me tell you, bread does not make a comfortable insole choice! It was actually kind of itchy. So if anyone else wants some sweaty shoe bread, expect to pay even more than $150!

After a day of shopping and running errands in the lovely 105 degree heat of Vegas, I removed the mangled, squished bread from my sweaty sneakers. There were crumbs everywhere in my shoes and stuck to my feet! Wish I had the bitch there at my feet so he could clean them. Anyway, I promptly wrapped up the bread and sent it off to my perverted little pet.

Now, Matt was afraid that he'd chicken out and not eat the bread. But, I knew this might happen so before I agreed to do the deal I made him give me his address and phone number so I could blackmail him into eating it. When he contacted me and told me got the package, I gave the whole plan a little twist by forcing him to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of the bread and wolf the whole thing down. Of course, he complied! Here's how he felt, in his own words: "i dont know if i have ever felt more pathetic in my life and i almost feel sick after eating it "


Of course, now he wants some sweaty socks to sniff!



16 July 2012

It's late. Just got home from a quickie trip to New York, which was awesome! First, I'd better let you drool over this little vid I filmed while in the city. Your welcome.

So, as I said, I just got home and was checking over my clips sales for the weekend. FUCK, I'm killing it. You guys just can't get enough of me! Right now, I've got the #1 Top Clip in clips4sale's "Foot Domination" category, with my clip, "Brother Likes My Feet!"

I have the #10 Top Clip in "Ballbusting" with this one:

#4 in "Goddess Worship" category:

#1 in "Humiliation":

#1 in "Spanking" Category!:

AND #4 in "Sissy Training":

Yes, Princess Rene is always on TOP! If you don't have all of these clips, you're obviously missing out.

Anyway, I'm going to get some much needed beauty rest! Talk to you bitches tomorrow.



11 July 2012

What did you do today? Worked hard to earn money for me? Well, this is what I did today...

Jealous? I bet.

On Friday I leave for NYC, where I should be busting some balls, partying, attending a friend's wedding, going to lavish dinners, and lounging at the beach in the Hamptons.

Your task this weekend? Simple. Worship me. I'll be posting new, hot clips all weekend long!



3 July 2012

As my faithful fans all know, I was on a fabulous tropical vacation for two whole weeks in June. I went first to South Florida (Boca Raton) to visit with family for a few days, where we had a gorgeous suite overlooking the ocean. I had fun making cucks & slaves pay for drinks, spa days, and room service while there. Make sure to check my twitter while I'm on vaca because I always post pictures and opportunities for cuckolds to pay for hot date nights with my man! 

After Boca, we headed off to the Bahamas for five days, after which I spent the remainder of my time in Miami. I was not impressed with Nassau, which was grimy, smelly, and super touristy but, the private beaches that I spent most of my time on were unbelievably beautiful. I posted a twitter picture and one slave described the water as "invisible" and it's a perfect description! It does have a blue-green tinge but it really is just crystal clear. You could see brightly colored, yellow and black striped fish swimming five feet down and I even spotted a little shark! We went to some waterparks there and fed some dolphins at this dolphin encounter place and spent a lot of time enjoying the sun and surf!

I'm generally a fan of Miami. It's like going to Puerto Rico or something but safe. However, we were there for the beginnings of a tropical storm so we were faced with oppressive grey clouds and heavy rain for most of our stay. The beach was pretty much out, though I did snag a little shower free window to read by the surf and play some paddle ball with my boyfriend. We caught an indoor baseball game which was fun. The best part of being in Miami was when The Heat won the finals! My bf is a fan so we were routing along with the locals and once Miami won, the town went crazy! It was so fun. Everyone was dancing in the streets and high-fiving people in passing cars. People were banging on pots and pans and cheering late into the night.

Upon returning to Las Vegas I've been quite busy. It was my boyfriend's birthday so I had a lot of planning to do. On Saturday we threw an outrageous party at my house (in attendance was Leah Star too!). We had an ice luge sculpted for the event, a live DJ, squirt guns full of alcohol, a 5ft tall birthday cake, and a ton of gourmet food. By 3am, we had ten people in the grotto which was full to the roof with bubbles! That's just how we party, Rene style!

I thought I'd have a little respite during July, you know, to answer some long forgotten emails, grace the webcam with my royal presence, oversee the install of my new kitchen backsplash, and enjoy boating on Lake Mead. But, alas, my boyfriend just booked us a mid-July trip to NYC! I've already had several slaves beg for sessions while I'm there and I'm also trying to hook up with Lindsey Leigh and Bratty Bunny. But, between late nights at exclusive NYC clubs and parties in the Hamptons I'm going to be very busy! 

By the way, don't think just because I'm vacationing a lot means you can sneak by without paying your monthly slave tributes and doing your duties. I want to see a lot more tweets from all of my fans promoting me and my clips sites this summer. That's the easiest way to serve me for free!

Hey, you know what else is super cool? I have the #1 Faceslapping clip on all of clips4sale right now! It was really fun faceslapping the crap out of slave Andy. By the end of the clip my palms were stinging but, I guarantee his face was stinging for much longer! Click the preview image to snap up this HOT clip:



25 June 2012

23 May 2012

I went to the post office today only to encounter a big pile of gifts for me! When I got home and opened all of my presents, they were all so cute I had to take pics. I love fashion and clothes so picking me out a hot new outfit is always going to get you points with me. Here's a little sample of the stuff I opened up today:

Cute shorts from slave Ronald:


Funky silk pants from Muscles (which were $315):


Sexy crop top from ProfessorWankly (which is going to look amazing for going out in Vegas!):


Adorable bikini top from Silly Puppy (matches these bottoms he already bought):


Seriously hot $170 OndadeMar swimsuit from Muscles:


Adorable dress from Ronald (who is a total creeper physically but somehow picks out the cutest stuff off my wish list!):


Sexy bodysuit from ProfessorWankly that is going to be totally hot with a short skirt for clubbing:

$270 silk blazer from a certain dumb fuck: 

Cute, right? I love that anyone who doesn't know about my whole Domme side thinks that I spend a fortune on clothes and shoes and bags--little do they know I have a horde of peons working away and constantly spoiling me with pretty new things to adorn my perfect body with! While you guys spend spend spend to make me happy, my bank account sits nice and fat. I fucking love it.

Are you dripping with jealousy over the boys who get to please me? Visit my wish list and get your chance to do the same!



May 16, 2012

UPDATE 5/23/12: We have a winner! My favorite caption comes from "AllHailRenee" (even though the dipshit spelled my name wrong. Unless he's talking about a different girl...). The winning caption: "This one is outta ammo!" For amusing me "AllHailRenee" will be sent a 50% off Kinkbomb coupon!

Caption this!

I was editing a clip today (featuring the supreme Bitch, Ceara Lynch) and stopped on the following still. It cracked me up. Sometimes I inadvertently pause on some pretty funny moments. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a Caption This! contest for my blog readers. Leave a comment on this blog post as your entry. I'll pick whichever caption I think is best, whether witty, sarcastic, funny, whatever. The winner gets a sweet Kinkbomb coupon. I'll leave the contest open a few days. Good luck!



April 30, 2012

I'm blogging again! I was tired of blogging but I got some new shoes from Footboy Wayne today and I thought they were pretty blog-worthy. Check them out:

Aren't they hot? Feel free to buy me more shoes if you wanna see pics like this! I know FBW gets a thrill seeing me in the shoes that he bought.

Now, on to other important things...

  • I'm picking up the lovely hot bitch, Ceara Lynch, from the airport tomorrow and we are going to be partying a lot and filming a bit so get your custom requests in now! Email me for details. If you don't have my email, too fucking bad.
  • I am currently the #1 Studio in the Humiliation category on Clips4Sale with my new clip: "You Can Jerk If..." (the #1 clip in Humiliation). It's full of the stupid humiliating tasks that you boys love to complete for me so click on the image and snap it up!

Check back for more news and you're welcome for the hot pics, boys!



February 21, 2012

So, remember those lovely cupcakes I baked a week and a half ago? You know, the ones that  I mixed with my feet, spat in, etc.? My most devoted foot slave recently posted a youtube video of him devoutly consuming the tasty treats. This guy is a highly educated Doctor and there he is, bowing to me on his bathroom floor, slurping up my spit and foot sweat like a little bitch! He's been serving me for a long time now but he just recently started a blog all about his servitude to me. He's the guy who named his baby daughter after me! Anyway, check it out:

A few days after I baked these foot cupcakes, I had 5 friends in town. They're all young and were on a "spiritual journey" (that's a whole other story) and so were all crashing at my place. I went off to the gym to play some racquetball while my friends stayed behind to work on their website about personal enlightement. When I got home from the gym they were like, "Hey, I hope its okay but we ate some of those cupcakes." I had stashed the slave cupcakes in my oven in hopes that no one would see them but I guess they were found. Ooops! I first said, NO! In a very dramatic manner which scared the crap out of the whole crew. I then couldn't stop laughing uncontrollably. They all were actually pretty relieved that it was "just" foot sweat (I didn't mention the spit and dirty socks, no need to exacerbate the humiliation) in the cupcakes because I'm pretty sure they first thought I'd dosed them with drugs or something. We all had a good laugh but I'm pretty sure on the inside they were like, EEEEEW! Hahaha. Be careful what you eat at my house! Sheesh, you'd think the "slut" and "slave" valentine heart candies on the cupcakes would've tipped them off. Too much pot, I guess.

Anyway, if you don't follow me on >Twitter< I urge you to do so because I'm constantly posting news, pictures, and important updates there. If you don't have a twitter, take 5 seconds and create one! Now.

Yesterday I posted this uber-hot pic to twitter, with my lips all sexy red leopard print:

So, see what you're missing if you don't follow my twitter feed?! I also filmed a clip with these sexy lips if you're interested (of course you're interested). Get it HERE.

Here's a bonus pic for you fuckwads for taking a minute out of your day to read about me. I love reminding you how perfect and amazing I am.

Now, why don't you take a little time and browse my wish list? Link below.





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